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Children's petition against public debt. Petition against future national bankruptcy, future national insolvency.

Text from 2009.
Not reviewed since then. Revision and update is planned.

National bankruptcy (or national insolvency)
is the formal declaration of a government
not to pay (repudiation)
or only partially pay its debts (due receivables),
or the de facto cessation of due payments.

At this point, the citizens have to discontinue to spend more money than the total of earnings in a country.
The next generation of citizens will be obliged to pay the debt. The next generation will also be obliged to pay high interest rates for the money wasted by the preceding generations.

Normally citizens never authorized their politicians to create public deficits by wasting money. Our children are authorized to refuse the increase of public debt.

Text sample / Petitions and similar letters

To whom to send?

This English language version is not conceived for a specific country in mind.
What are suitable addressees? This depends from the institutions and the political system of a specific country. Typically in modern parliamentary democracies, petitions can be addressed to parliaments and to individual members of parliaments.
They can also be addressed - after some corresponding text adaptation - to political parties and to their regional or local offices.

The text does not concern a specific country.
A general and useful rule is that the critical discussion of subjects of political advocacy should be limited to citizens or habitants of the specific country. This applies to text authors.
Therefore this text is restricted to the universal generally worldwide recognized goal that children should not be obliged to pay from their later income the public debt accumulated by excessive spending from preceding generations.

Consequently, the text version in the international English language is very short.
It is just a starting point and inspiration for your own text. Your own text might typically include extensions fitting to the specifics of your country.

Text example / petitions and similar letters

(First name and surname)

(postal address)

Date: ................................

Born on:
This letters was created with the participation of: ....................................... ....................
(... "own text" ...or:.. "parents" ...or... "brothers" ...or... "teacher" ...or...)

To the Petition Committee
of ...

...(postal address):.:

Subject: Request not to burden children with the debt from excessive spending by preceding generations

Dear ...

(1) I hereby ask that the total of public debt should be paid back as fast as possible, and should no longer increase.

(2) Otherwise, you burden me and others of my age to pay off in the future the debts from previous years. I do not give my agreement to charge me with this debt.

(3) I ask to ensure by resolutions that starting with the next budget year the debt reduction should begin, and that no increase should be made to the prior debt.

(4) I ask you to confirm this in a clear form which should be easy to understand and free of doubt. If there is no satisfactory answer, then the legitimacy of a formal complaint will be analyzed.

(5) The same applies if a response conforms to the goal of my petition, while real policy continues to increase the public debt.

............................................. EN=__= EN=__=

Which success can be expected?

The purpose of this measure is as follows: The parliamentarians should be obliged to define a common opinion in the committee which will decide on an answer. This will become an official statement of the parliament.

The parliamentarians will be aware that the answer possibly will be published. So this petition might be embarrassing for the parliament. The parliament might be guilty for violating valid budget legislation (this depends from the state in your country). Now the committee is obliged to justify this behavior, which is possibly illegal. By this petition, the citizens enter the role of a court or of a judge.

The worst that can happen to you: The petition might be rejected.
(But check before sending your petition that there ic no risk of fees.)

The best what can happen to all of us: That parliamentarians stop to waste and burn taxpayers money.

This will only be the case if many citizens send a letter like the one above. So please spread the message. It is intended that the Internet address of this page will be a permanent address for many years to come.

ok @ EN=__=

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