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Rating agencies for the financial markets: Citizens protest: It is illegal to maintain that legislative power had been transferred to them. Template for citizen letters to members of parliaments, governmental offices, political associations, journalists,...

Rating Agencies - to members of parliament and other responsible persons

Restriction: This text is not optimal.

This is a letter template accidentally created years ago. From today's point of view, legally justified applications should always be made as to why changes are unquestionably mandatory. After all, this epistolary example shows substantial deficiencies in applicable law and habits. That is why this text has been included here.

Letter Example:


To ... (EU commission, EU parliament members, members of your inland parliaments, political parties, election candidates,...)

I am asking to adopt the following as your opinion:

1. In my opinion: All legal clauses have to be considered as invalid which give the unknown future decisions of rating agencies the effect of legislation or of legal directives.

2. In my opinion: This also concerns such clauses in derived legal framework. Examples: EU directives; agreements between governments; decisions by commissions of any level including the EU Commission.

3. In my opinion: Considering them as invalid since the beginning, public administration is not authorized to apply any such rule. This is also the case for derived institutions like bank control institutions and public institutions to control insurance companies and pension funds.

4.. If you agree: Please confirm in a public manner the following:
(Example: On an Internet site with public access.)

4.a) That you will take part in a formal cancellation of all such rules by the bodies, parliaments, organizations, commissions which have in the past decided such illegal legislation and such decisions.

4.b) That you are considering it as a legal obligation to suspend instantly all application of such rules.
(This means that investment banks, pension funds. insurance companies, accountants and... and... will have to learn again own and responsible risk evaluation and permanent responsible risk control.)

Date, signature: ................

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